History and activities of our Institute

Voronezh Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychology of Business is one of the first private educational institutions in Russia. It was founded in Voronezh in 1989.

Since its foundation the institute focuses on the training of practitioner psychologists in the field of Individual Psychological Counselling, Group Psychotherapy and Trainings applying the empathic approach.

We consider empathy to be a universal practical method of psychological and psychotherapeutic help that allows establishing contact with a client, building trust and achieving a therapeutic and developmental effect during individual or group sessions.

The psychological counselling skills are the key ones in a wide range of professions that imply help in rehabilitation, development and education that are based on psychology.

Psychological counselling for us is nothing but a therapeutic talk structured by the levels of emotional responses that a client demonstrates, revealing the context of their life situation and feeling themselves in this context. Feeling yourself inside an emotional event of the present or the past is possible on condition that a consultant is able to perceive the emotional responses of different levels. Then these responses whether consciously or not become relevant for the client. With the help of the consultant he tries to understand them, i.e. to reflect and realize them.

In our opinion it is the conscious regulation of their activity that makes a human a personality in the fullest sense.

Going through the negative emotional responses, the client with the help of the consultant reduces their influence and changes their emotional state, which is the instant therapeutic effect. Another significant result of the work with the Client is considered to be the qualitative change in his social life through the development of emotional self-regulation and as a result the increase in the level of social adaptation.

The employees and the professors of the Institute have gained their experience of empathic contact during the psychotherapeutic work with hundreds of clients and are therefore sure in its effectiveness. For details e-mail at: info@vipsy.ru